– Personnel travel management solutions with single point of contact


Efficient management of crew lodging and travels requires a particular set of skills and knowledge; without that overspending is a given. overspend. Corporations with mobile workforce must understand how important plus beneficial it is to involve an outsourced team of travel coordinators in such matters. With full-time job responsibilities and little expertise in travel and lodging management, saving on overheads becomes almost impossible for most corporations.

When it comes to efficient crew travel management and logistics solutions, a team with in-depth knowledge plus hands-on expertise is needed. And, this is where comes in. is a Travel Management Advisory Company, not to be confused with a travel agency. It works independently and demands no long-term partnership contract in return. A travel agency books rooms and bills the customer. manages the process. With a main focus on cutting the number of rooms sold.

Works and responsibilities of Crew Facilities

There are charges for every service and item you subscribe to. Transportation service you reserve, facilities you book for your crew traveling to a remote location – are ready to generate a hard-to-digest bill immediately after you agree to buy. works towards reducing your total expenditure while taking the full responsibility of a start-to-finish project management and ensures a great stay. As the company’s Principals have been operating for several decades now, it holds a wide spectrum of vetted facilities and a team that has extremely qualified and experienced travel coordinators., unlike many others, works 24/7. Whether to book a new reservation, change an existing one, last minute night crew change or any type of issue that needs resolution. The company will begin by setting up a brief webinar orientation for all personnel that are involved in your lodging. Followed by procurement researching upcoming travel areas, negotiating rates, facility booking, and finally tracing over the entire process to ensure a reduced expenditure, at the same time efficient project accomplishment. Costs of personnel travel increase when accommodations services overcharge for services, say – unused beds, extra rooms and late check-outs. Crewfacilities and its travel coordinators negotiate off these aforesaid conditions and make sure your final facility bill is free of unnecessary costs.

Here are the advantages of working with

An extensive network of vetted, pre-qualified lodges, hotels and camp brands

Simplified employee travel/logistics process

5 minute account setup

Mobile application for easy communication

Tracking and Reporting of job cost in real-time

Express check-in

Simplified communication technology.

Seamless reservation and booking process

5 ways to submit reservation – calls, SMSs, Emails, company web portal and smartphone App.


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