Amber Schofman – The vital resource of! Read about her contributions!

Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman, co-founder and Vice President of, a travel management advisory company, is setting new milestones in Workforce Lodging Industry. Having spent decades consulting and managing varied corporations with crews travelling overnight, Amber Schofman is now an example of extraordinary managerial skills and allegiance.

Client-satisfaction has always been a priority for Amber Schofman, and she quite ensures it by customizing her services as per clients’ needs. Amber Schofman hands-on experience and ability to distinguish one’s needs from others’ make her a vital resource for In crew travel and logistics management, efficiency is less expected if handled by non-experienced. There are several important factors that work in-between, and only an experienced mind can adhere to all these – Lodging nearby the job-site, booking only the vetted facility, tracking and reporting of the job in real-time and lastly, saving on the company overheads are four essentials that determine the success possibility of an outstation project. And, Amber Schofman, having decades of experience in doing the same, tops the chart of Most Admired Travel & Lodging Managers in Northern America.

Amber Schofman has co-founded Crewfacilities, and since its very inception, she has been involved in managing different operational departments of the company sincerely and fraternally. Amber Schofman loves to remain detailed, focused and stout when it comes down to solving problems. Amber Schofman is the one string that attaches different organizational divisions to one single point ensuring all are working in sync and communicating without any fail.

Take a look at her in-depth responsibilities:

Amber Schofman hails from facility and property management, workforce housing and corporate lodging industries. Serving as the Vice President of, Amber Schofman acts modest enough while assisting corporations with crews travelling to remote locations to manage their travels and lodging needs in the most simplified manner. renders best possible employee travel/logistics management solutions at competitive prices.

Amber Schofman has worked towards building processes and procedures of the company. Having a simplified and coordinated client-approach, Amber Schofman has made accessibility of her services easier and consistent for potential prospects.

Amber Schofman has an unmatched managerial acumen, which is quite evident through her very specific style of client-coordination. Amber knows, the best way to make things simpler is by understanding what is so particular about it. Amber Schofman comprehends her clients’ business culture and needs of their teams. Crew travelling out of station requires accommodation adhering to all quality standards, such as safety, health and environmental facilities. Moreover, the lodging must be done nearby the job-site so that time, money and physical efforts can be saved for some greater results in time.

Amber Schofman knows about all the elements involved in workforce housing management and so runs the company in accordance with her clients’ business specific needs and importance.

Here are the benefits of working with

Streamlined administrative in-house labor management.

Strategic procurement solutions.

Dispatch/schedules and lodging.

Credit solutions.

Invoice auditing.

Simplified communication technology.

Customized tracking and reporting of the job in real-time.

24/7 assistance over the telephone.

And, assurance of reduced travel expenditure.


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