– An innovative choice to upgrade your crew travel and lodging processes

crewfacilities_logo_2X-1 is one of the most trusted and widely acknowledged organizations in the travel management and crew logistics industry.  Catering to a diverse clientele hailing from different industry verticals – oil & gas, transportation, education, aviation, wind, solar and government bodies alike.

From its many years of “boots on the ground” experience, the team at now has the largest network of pre-qualified and best-vetted facilities to offer to its clients. For efficient personnel travel and logistics management, it requires knowledge and time, which most organizations with mobile work forces just do not have. Your employees have full-time job responsibilities, with time constraints to properly focus on travel management. offers an outsourced travel management team, which is committed to reducing your in-house labor required to manage your travel, while sourcing vetted and quality facilities, at competitive rates, located nearby the job-site.  The company prides itself on its team’s decades of experience from a variety of industries including hotel and facility management, procurement, reservations, travel agent, forensic auditing and accounting to work for our clients to customize and simplify mobile workforce travels and logistics.

Businesses choose for many reasons. The company does not require a long term commitment and offers customized processes to work in sync with your organization. offers its clients the advantage of a 60-day trial, which offers an opportunity to see the process and results for yourself. will reduce time required for managing your travel, and will also include rate negotiation via its procurement team, vet and qualify facilities prior to selection, manage the check in and nightly tracking process to check out.  And the audit department will review all charges on the final bill to ensure clients only pay for what they authorized and what was used. also offers credit solutions to reduce company’s need to use their credit cards for travel, as well as dispatch service and a single point of contact communication hub.  All to ensure your team experiences a smooth and efficient reservation.

The communication hub is its customized portal offering its clients a choice in how they communicate their new reservation and reservation changes.   Choose one of five options via voice, email, text, website portal or smart phone app for Iphone or Android.  Our focus is to work as a liaison between all the parties involved and makes sure there is smooth an simplified immediate communication. and its qualified team offer quick and simplified communication technology that reduce layers and layers of calls, emails or SMSs between all the parties.

Here’s a quick overview of services:

  • Managed and controlled personnel travel costs.
  • Reduction of in-house administrative labor required to manage travel.
  • Communication Hub and single point of contact 24/7/365.
  • Credit solutions to reduce the use of company credit cards used for travel.
  • Audited and consolidated invoices.
  • Easy client portal access for new reservations and reporting.

Services the company offers also include evaluation and analyzation of potential client current travel costs via a 60-day trial program.

Amber Schofman – The Vice President of the company

Amber Schofman is the co-founder and Vice President of She oversees company’s major operations, management, and training programs since its inception. Her keen ability to manage multiple teams, at the same time multiple clients’ needs and requests makes her one of a kind in the travel management arena. Amber Schofman focuses on her team’s:

  • Research and vetting of potential quality facilities closest to the job site.
  • Finding available inventory in high occupancy cities and remote locations.


  • Oversees the tracking and roster management team from facility training to checking in the crews, to daily occupancy confirmation, real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Scheduling and offering dispatch services for all crews.
  • Client 100% customer service satisfaction assurance 7 days a week, around the clock.

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