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crewfacilities_logo_2X-1 is the one to contact if you are seeking out trusted and full-time crew lodging and logistics management service for your mobile workforce. Take advantage of their 60-day trial to analyze your true travel costs and see the areas where you can save. The key team members at has been serving as a trusted employee travel and logistics management company for over two decades now. The company has a client-base from a diverse number industries across North America. What sets apart is their end-to-end, business-to-business crew travel and logistics management program.

Every business with mobile workforce avoids unnecessary costs and focuses on higher productivity and optimal team management. understands your crew travel, so they can customize solutions for service satisfaction. The company knows that an efficient travel and lodging management program requires ample time and expertise in travel, which most companies do not have. From streamlining in-house administrative labor to negotiating room rates, to making procurements, managing credit cards, to auditing final facility bill – and its outsourced team of travel coordinators manage everything and ensure that your time and money are saved.

Benefits of hiring

  • Top quality facilities at competitive rates
  • Lodging in close proximity of job-site coordinates
  • Single point of contact for all major operations
  • Customized and streamlined travel reservation/facility booking and logistics management solutions
  • Express check-in
  • Assurance of pre-qualified and vetted facilities nearby job-site
  • 24/7/365 real-time reporting and data access
  • Mobile app, voice, text, website submission for all your requests

Call today for a simple and quick 60 day free trial setup. Clients receive fully customized and simplified crew lodging solutions that are innovative and effective. When you have a crew to travel across states and lodge at a remote location, you need a single platform from where you can serve all your concerns without any hassles. works as a liaison between all the parties involved, and also makes sure that the team is managed via a single point of contact. Smooth communication is essential for the success of any project and the company works to make it efficient and seamless. The company’s audit department reviews and eliminates unnecessary costs from the final facility bill. Yes, you read it right!  You only pay for the rooms, rate and number of nights you have used.


What exactly offers:

  • Reduces overall employee travel costs
  • Minimizes your in-house administrative labor for quick and easy travel reservation and facility booking
  • Customizes and streamlines logistics solutions that fit your requirements well.
  • Audits invoices to ensure that you haven’t been charged unnecessarily.
  • Submit reservations in 5 quick and easy ways – Client portal, Email, Voice Calls, Text, and Mobile App

Clients can also download App on their iPhone and Android mobile handset for experiencing quick and easy reservation submission irrespective of any place you’re located in.

More to this, also offers analysis and evaluation of current travel by giving you a trial program that showcases actual travel costs and savings of up to 34.85% of market price. C

The company never says it can’t find a facility for its clients irrespective of the location of the job site. has an extensive network of qualified and vetted facilities. On partnering, you will be assured of smooth facility booking, at the same time a great stay.

With all these domain-skills and experience, is currently serving a diverse clientele from an array of industry verticals including:

  • Construction
  • Wind
  • Oil & Gas
  • Department of Transportation
  • Solar
  • Education
  • Government, State, Municipal


Amber Schofman – Meet the woman behind

Amber Schofman is the co-founder and Vice President of Owing to her knowledge and hands-on experience in crew travel and logistics management, the company is now introduced to a greater level of audience across North America. She practices a range of services including team’s training and management for her clients, and ensures a quality stay, at the same time reduced production cost. Owing to the company’s innovative approach and incessant service, Crewfacilities is now retained by many large organizations with mobile workforce across North America. Whether it is managing travel coordinators or setting up a new and customized travel policy, she makes sure you enjoy maximum peace of mind.

Contact Amber now for:

  • Real-time customized reporting
  • Strategic procurement solutions
  • Credit card solutions to cut back on your company credit card usage
  • Manage all potential changes, scheduling and dispatching.

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