Amber Schofman – Bringing innovation into employee travel and logistics management sector


Amber Schofman and her professional career

Amber Schofman is serving as the Vice President of is a full-service crew travel and logistics management firm that has already provided its specialized services to thousands of companies across North America. Amber co-founded this firm with a focus on assisting organizations with employees travelling overnight.

Owing to her vast knowledge and expertise in employee travel and lodging management solutions, she easily reads her clients’ expectations and plans the service delivery accordingly. Companies with crews travelling to a remote location would never like to agree on any lease or rental agreement as this would potentially hamper their budget and team’s productivity. What Amber does, in this case, is worth elaborating.

Leveraging on her substantial domain-expertise, Amber Schofman streamlines her client’s in-house administrative labor ensuring quick and vetted facility booking. She works to eliminate all unnecessary costs from the final facility bill, and ensure hassle-free stay of the crew. She has an impeccable understanding of all kinds of crew management issues and business cultures, gained through her expertise developed over a span of 20 years working in the industry.

Not all companies will have house-based travel policies and processes.  Crew can work with their clients in house travel departments or act as their outsourced travel manger.

A quick drop-down of her responsibilities

Speaking of her job responsibilities, she has been involved with team monitoring at together with facilities and organizations. She oversees and manages travel transactions, facility booking, manages reservation transactions and serves as liaison between client’s crew lead, guests, and client’s corporate office.

On partnering with her, clients enjoy:

  • Reduction in lodging expenditure
  • Simplified employee travel and lodging management
  • Strategic procurement solutions
  • Fully-customized reporting technology.
  • 24/7 access to real-time data
  • Standardized vetted facilities management

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