– Helping Organizations with Mobile Work Forces Streamline Their Travel Budgets


It goes without saying that hotels are in the business of selling rooms.  They are not responsible for tracking no-shows, empty rooms or empty beds, people and rosters, and many companies find that sometimes rooms are continually charged even after check out.

Other items are rate increases that are not disclosed until the invoice is received or the credit card is charged.  Adding unauthorized incidental fees, extra rooms.  And not to mention many are not pre-qualified and inspected before a crew stay for health, safety and environmental standards.

To ensure bookings, hotels require their guest checkout prior to the announced checkout time. Due to some reason, if a guest fails to do so, the credit card on file is charged for an additional night. This unwanted charge affects a business’ crew budget; in this way the hotel makes you pay for the rooms you didn’t use any longer.

So why pay for unused rooms just because a list of checkout rules and terms and conditions says so. CrewFacilities – a renowned crew logistics advisory company – helps you track every dollar you spend on the crew logistics.  The company will manage your check in to ensure all rooms arrived and manage your check out to make sure there will not be continual charges.  They audit every line item and reconcile the final bill back to the true actual occupancy and agreed up rate to ensure you only pay for what you use.  The company provides crew travel management solutions that help a business save on unnecessary costs, thereby enabling it maintain the overall lodging expenditure. helps a business with its extended occupancy solutions, allowing it to manage its budget despite its needs of extending the stay when a crew’s project needs to be extended and find rooms even in areas that are remote or are sold out.

Along with this, offers services for:

  • Lodging Expenditure Reduction Solutions
  • Employee Travel Solutions
  • Travel Management Solutions
  • Strategic Procurement Solutions
  • Real Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting
  • Customized Reporting Technology
  • Credit Solutions
  • Crew Facilities Standardized Quality

To know more about the travel and crew logistic services being provided by, give the company a call for details regarding their programs and solutions that are customizable to meet your unique lodging needs.


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