Shift to outsourced crew travel management with

Companies with crews traveling to job sites outside of their regional locations find that the costs may be of great significance to their overhead.  In addition to some of the unnecessary travel costs incurred such as paying for empty rooms, last minute cancellations, added rooms, incidentals and more, there is also the issue of finding quality facilities.

Vetting a hotel, lodge, camp or corporate apartment, prior to checking in should be mandatory to ensure adherence to health, safety and environmental standards, which will ensure productivity for crews on the job sites.

This is why managing crew travel should be left to the experts like – a personnel travel management company. The organization is acknowledged for providing streamlined, customized personnel travel and crew logistic solutions that help organizations realize reduced lodging expenses. Simply put, helps organizations carry out their crew logistics, while staying within their budget.

The company believes on providing streamlined, transparent services so that clients can focus on their business model, while ensuring unnecessary costs are controlled and managed on a daily basis. This is why, has emerged as one of the top reputable personnel travel management service providers.

Some of Travel Solutions include:

Simplified communication process

Communications can get garbled across many employees and multiple job sites. We’ll implement steps to properly notify all parties with true and accurate data, while reducing miscommunication between organizational divisions.

Reduced travel costs is a company that is known for providing solutions that help organizations lower their crew travel and lodging costs significantly. In order to manage and control group travel costs, logistics, dispatch and simplified communication processes are a must. has a team that has spent many years with “boots on the ground” vetting facilities and creating partnerships to provide organizations a travel program with competitive rates, at quality facilities, in close proximity to the job location. ensures their competitive rates negotiated in “real-time” (as hotels rates fluctuate on a daily basis) and other factors such as availability to ensure a client’s requirements and proximity to the job are adhered to.

Comprehensive corporate travel data

Companies with groups traveling to job sites require accurate, real time data. provides a comprehensive tracking and job cost reporting of real time data for tracking individual crew members and other factors. ensures customer services to assist its clients seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.  This enables the company to provide seamless personnel travel management solutions that add value to an organization.

Visit CrewFacilities for more information on their travel solutions.


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