How Does Crewfacilites.Com Help Businesses Optimize Their Business Tour? is a woman owned business.  The company is currently in the process of finalizing WBE certification in many states. will soon be able to qualify client companies for the participation needed on their minority municipality, state and federal contracts, while saving them on their travel costs.

When it comes to managing a business travel, is the name you can trust. As a travel manager for companies with crews traveling, our focus is to manage, control and reduce group personnel travel.

Here is how makes a difference in crew travel:

In-Depth Communication

One of the issues with crews traveling outside of their home office area is communication.  We simplify the layers and layers of calls between the individual crew members, the crew supervisor, the Regional Manager, the Regional Office, the Corporate office, and the AP Department.  Communications can get garbled across many employees and multiple job sites. will implement steps to properly notify all parties with true and accurate data, while reducing miscommunication between organizational divisions.

Simplified Travel

CrewFacilities ensures to provide corporate travel management solutions that have the capability to simplify even the most complex travel in areas that are remote, or are at high occupancy or during areas with large events, while ensuring their clients are able to place crews at the most competitive and consistent rate throughout the stay, closest to the job site and at top quality vetted locations.

24/7 Crew Reservation Support

With representatives available to serve clients around the clock, we also offer a large selection of ways to submit and change reservations.  From calling into our 800 number, submitting an email request, submitting through our client portal, texting or using our smart phone app available on Apple and Android.

Travel Management Consulting

If you already have an in-house travel department, will assist in simplifying the processes, procedures and travel management flow.  And also can implement a new or revised travel policy for your organization.

For more information about travel management services and solutions please visit


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