Amber Schofman & A Paradigm of Excellent Vice President

Amber Schofman, Vice President at establishes new standards for the company’s clients. To ensure the proper flow and monitoring of a project for the clients of


Amber Schofman, Vice President at establishes new standards for the company’s clients. To ensure the proper flow and monitoring of a project for the clients of

Amber Schofman hails from the property management, corporate housing and workforce lodging industries. Knowledge and experience that she gained over twenty years have enabled her team at to simplify company’s operations, processes and procedures.

She works closely with the client’s travel coordinator to understand their company procedures and its travel culture. To ensure alignment with the services being provided. Amber Schofman enables to gain understanding into the operations side and requirements of partner facilities across the USA, thereby ensuring highest quality facilities housing client personnel, while ensuring increased productivity.

Her responsibilities also include the monitoring teams to work in conjunction with partner facilities, to manage the reservation transactions, acting as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client’s crew lead and guests.

With unparalleled determination, has been able to provide remarkable solutions for following:

  • Lodging Expenditure Reduction
  • Employee Travel
  • Travel Management
  • Strategic Procurement Solutions
  • Customized Reporting Technology
  • Credit Solutions
  • Real Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting
  • Crew Facilities Standardization of Facility Vetting

Here is a quick summary of Amber Schofman professional bio:

Community Director, Central Properties, Inc.

Duties Included:

  • Maintaining 10 apartment communities in the North/North Central Austin area and 8 duplexes throughout Austin
  • Collecting and processing applications
  • Scheduling paperwork processing and move-in dates
  • Processing rents, posting notices and following up on late payments
  • Ensuring compliance with Community Policies and Guidelines
  • Maintaining contact with prospective tenants
  • Managing all make ready projects and ensure each unit is move-in ready by its lease date
  • Scheduling and executing showings
  • Pre-assigning units
  • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
  • Managing general administrative duties

Community Director, Roberts Communities

  • Managing all aspects of Community Office Management
  • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
  • Maintaining community
  • Maintaining accounts, like payable, receivable, payroll, budget
  • Managing human resources
  • Managing general administrative duties

CWS Apartments, Community Assistant Director

  • Managing all aspects of the community
  • Supporting community director
  • Liaising between community residents and Community Director
  • Maintaining of community
  • Managing human resources
  • Providing budget-support to director
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Performing general administrative duties

Executive Assistant, Ameriplan USA Corporation

  • Assisting Divisional Director as well as field representatives
  • Maintaining travel scheduling for Divisional Director
  • Maintaining calendars of events/travel
  • Handling calls and emails from field representatives
    Maintaining organized records systems
  • Managing research accounts; verify/adjust commissions when necessary
  • Managing media production for various meetings
  • Liaising between field representatives when necessary
  • Assisting with National Conventions and Conferences
  • Creating reports both regular weekly and as necessary
  • Performing general clerical duties