Amber Schofman – A Source of Knowledge to be Counted On

A company’s success lies in the knowledge of its employees. The more knowledgeable, experienced and driven the staff a company has, the more it will succeed. is such a company that has a highly educated and knowledgeable team to support all of its corporate lodging, employee travel policy and per diem travel related services. is primarily a travel management advisory company known for providing such lodging solutions that help corporations realize reduced travel cost, administrative time and labor. The company aims to provide the most competitive lodging rates while ensuring top quality facilities within the closet geographic distance of the job location.

These services are carefully carried out by the company’s industry experts and highly experienced personnel. Go over the brief introduction of its personnel.

Andrea Tsakanikas – President

For over three decades Andrea has been involved in the property and facility management industry. She has represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds of thousands of nights of workforce lodging, rental, and resort product. Since 2007 she served as a management consultant with a specialization in optimizing operations and ensuring the highest revenues and profitability for travel and facility management projects.

Sampling of her recent projects:

  • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company.  Task included the setup of a remote lodging division to manage class A   apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
  • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
  • President/Founder, Property Management Entity

Andrea Tsakanikas founded to focus on the customer side of the transaction instead of representing the ownership side of lodging. CrewFacilities manages, controls and reduces personnel lodging expenditures for companies with mobile work forces throughout North America.

Amber Schofman – Vice President

As the Vice President, and Co-Founder of the Company, Amber manages the companies Operations.  She hails from the property and facility management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. With unrivalled hands-on experience in systems and operations management, she has greatly contributed towards building processes and procedures for the company, thereby ensuring simplified synchronization with the client’s company culture.

Amber Schofman is also responsible for managing the company’s daily operations and other team members as well. Amber’s keen sense of focus assists the company in understanding the expectations of partner facilities across the country to ensure the highest quality.

Amber Shcofman’s  wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience and patience to delve a client’s requirement or query in order to obtain the most suitable solution.

She works in conjunction with the facility to manage the reservations and act as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client, crew lead, guests and facility management. Owing to her expertise and managerial acumen, she has helped the company live up to the expectations of its clients across North America.

Pamela McDonald – Controller

As an Executive Team Member, Pamela has oversight of the financial department which includes accounts payable, receivable, auditing, and tracking of all rooms, crew members and transactions to ensure our clients pay only for what they authorize and the rate and number of rooms/nights they approve.

Kenny Tsakanikas – VP of Crew Logistics

Kenny Tsakanikas is handling responsibilities of Vice President of Crew Logistics. Being so, he is in charge of the coordination of client crews and teams across the US.

Keri Brusa  – Director of Reservations & Diversity

As a Member of the Executive Team, Keri is in charge of customer service, client oversight and retention.  She ensures the reservation process meets the client’s expectations.  And as Director of Diversity she focuses on Minority Business Enterprise projects and clients.

Lisa O’Brien – Business Development Consultant

Throughout her career Lisa has been a key contributor in leadership roles throughout North America and Internationally.  She has been a Sales Director, Regional Manager, Business Development Consultant sales organizations.  She has been responsible for developing and executing sales targets through current and new business relationships and implemented targeted marketing strategies.  She works with the Sales and Development Team to ensure top productivity in negotiations and creating strong partnerships.

Brandie Weaver  – Business Development Executive

Brandie Weaver graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. In 2007 she graduated with a MBA from MACU.   Brandie’s career in sales includes oil and gas, entertainment and alcohol industries.  She has worked for HD Boxing for six years where she excelled in marketing strategies and sponsorships deals.

Charlie Serabian – Procurement Coordinator

Charlie works with each client as part of the research team prior to their movement into a particular location.  To find the best quality facility, at the most competitive rate, closest to the job site location.  He works closely with the facility partners to ensure the best possible services.

To know more about the team, visit


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